Our founder, Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum, wrote a variety of books that teach us more about God and help us on this journey with Christ. His books cover a range of topics, including PRAYER, FAITH, MARRIAGE, LEADERSHIP etc. Make sure you visit for more!

In The Practice of Intercession, Professor Fomum leads us through the levels of intercession - from the beginner to the advanced, from a practical perspective. He goes on to give practical lessons on high-level spiritual warfare against principalities and powers - for those who are called into this ministry. There are sections on intercessory prayer chains and a full-time ministry of intercession. All this from the pen of one who has himself advanced through the school of calloused knees. This book is the sequel to The Art of Intercession.


This book is fifth in the series, Practical Helps for Overcomers. This book is about The School of Truth. It is about truth in the inward being. It is about truth in the secret heart. The Psalmist cried out to the Lord, "Create in me a clean heart." (Psalm 51:10) Anyone who also longs for a clean heart must enter into The School of Truth. As one abides in the Lord and continues in this school, more and more will be shown to them, leading to deeper repentance and bringing them to greater conformity to Him who is the Truth, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

This book Freedom from the Sin of Adultery and Fornication is fifth in the series Practical Helps for Sanctification. This series is made up of 14 books that were written, not merely to help readers to understand God's viewpoint on these issues, but also to lead the believer into the spiritual experience of sanctification, in order to transform basic theoretical knowledge into an experience. The Lord Jesus, the unchanging Deliverer, is near to deliver you and to enable you to walk in that deliverance for the rest of your life, until He comes!


From His Lips: Back From His Missions is book three in the From His Lips series. Fellowship in the Lord and fellowship in the work and fellowship around the vision; was one of the strong points Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum’s leadership. By means of this, he carried along the many young co-workers that God had entrusted to him, and built up a fused team of those who, together with him, were fired by the vision. Come along with us into fellowship with Professor Fomum in the service of the Gospel. Come along with us and savour the growth process of a global movement.

In this book: A Word to the Students, Professor Fomum, based on his personal testimony, makes it clear that the student life is not incompatible with a rich spiritual life. Rather, academic excellence depends on the priority the student gives to God during his student years.

This book overturns many misconceptions supported by Christians to justify their mediocrity at the University. Indeed, the student years are the most determinant because it is the time a person ought to walk with God with all his strength, and invest his all in his studies.

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 The message in this book, Learning to Importune in Prayer, is an expression of the deep desire in the author’s heart to have spiritual leaders who know the Holy art of importunate praying and intercession.  Importunity, says Prof. Fomum, is the cry of a man in extreme danger. It is madly asking God to open a door through the wall of a situation—until the door is opened. Importunity has God’s interest in view; it is taking no rest until God is moved to do that which He alone must do. He affirms that

when God gives you a number of problems to which man has no answers, then He has promoted you—He has given you materials for importunity praying.